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    I'm looking for wisdom.

    I've been experimenting with scents out here, both on lures like Brads and King Kandy for trolling and mooching, and on jigs/hoochies for deep fishing. Occasionally they've actually out-fished bait. I've had good results here and there, mixed results more often.

    Best so far have been Mike's, whether Lunker Lotion or UV Super Scents. Both are gels, seeming to last lots longer than various oils, dips or aerosols.

    Anyhoo... Looking for comparisons, and especially any winners out there that I've missed!

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    I have been using lunker lotion and the UV, but not on my salmon gear. I use them on my long line as well as in my shrimp pots. My favorites are the herring oil and shrimp. The garlic one is NASTY stuff.
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    Just a +1 for Mike's Herring Oil scents. It definitely works.

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    We've been fishing the scents side by side with the same thing unscented. Always seems to work at least as well, and usually better. It's been interesting to jig for halibut with assorted jigs and hoochies- tipping one with herring in the usual way and gooing the other. The goo mostly seems to work just as well, with one advantage. If you miss a hit you just leave it down there and wait for the next strike. With tips, you always have to reel up and rebait. In the end the goo is catching more fish just because you don't spend all that time reeling up and sinking down.

    My wife kicked my pants one day trolling whole herring with goo squirted into its mouth. We'd trolled without luck for an hour with plain herring, so she reeled in for me to check her bait. The herring looked fine, even if it was pretty well washed clean of scent. She squirted the goo and sent it back out. Got a nice king in about 2 minutes while my water-logged herring was untouched. We decided to keep the experiment rolling, so I put mine back out with no goo, and she gooed a new herring. Bam. She hooked up again before her line was all the way out. I reeled mine back up, gooed it, and hooked right up. Got that in the fish box, rebaited and gooed. Got my second king in under 5 minutes. We popped 4 kings in under an hour, all on gooed herring.

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    I've been shopping for some of the Mikes herring super gel. The places is Homer are out. I went online to order some from Cabela's and the were selling it for $3.79 a 2oz bottle but they are on backorder. I received on email from them saying they think they will get there order around Sept. 2nd so I went online to Bass Pro and they have some in stock for $4.79 a bottle. I don't know if any of the Anchorage or Soldotna retailers have any in stock.

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    I sincerely distrust Cabela's promises. I ordered a fishfinder/GPS that was in stock when I ordered, and I needed it right now. A day after I'd placed my order, I got a notice from them it was out of stock and on backorder, arriving in 2 weeks. They finally got it back in stock FIVE FREEKING MONTHS later!!!!! No more of that nonsense for me. If it's not in stock, it's their tough luck when I'm ordering anything. Period.

    Rant over. A couple of weeks back I went directly to Atlas Mikes to get mine. Got here in 4 days and the price was the same.

    More and more I'm walking around the big box stores. If they're out of stock, I go directly to the manufacturer. Better service. Same price. Quicker shipping.

    There I go, ranting again!!!!!


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