Here's the way I look at this. Sportfishing in Southcentral Alaska didn't become so popular because the fishing was crappy. Dipnetting didn't become so popular because the fishing was crappy. Prior to these fisheries blowing up, commercial fishing was happening in cook inlet. This makes it very apparent that these fisheries can indeed coexist. Sockeye salmon are being managed very well in a lot of areas, there are enough fish available for all three user groups to be content. If people feel different, then I say they are being greedy. Kings have had a much tougher time recently, and I think adjustments do need to be made to help manage these fish better. I don't feel it is necessary to eliminate an entire user group in order to manage these fish. I guarantee that a large majority of those in favor of banning set nets are thinking allocation, not conservation. They will claim conservation, but the truth is, they only want to conserve so they have more opportunity to catch/harvest. Sure, there are some out there that wish for conservation, but you cannot tell me that anyone that has anything to do with catching kings is thinking anything other than conservation.