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Thread: a nice pedestal style caribou mount - after all it is 'bou time!

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    Default a nice pedestal style caribou mount - after all it is 'bou time!

    Just got this one completed. He has detachable antlers for ease of shipping and moving. The base is oak with two different colors of stain for a nice contrast. I make all my bases, unless the customer wants ultra fancy, LOL I am a taxidermist, not a woodworker, but I like doing woodwork, as long as it is straight forward. . I should add that this particular mount also spins 360 on a steel pipe. Kinda cool if you are wanting a different perspective.

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    Nice! The grizzly in the background looks nicely groomed as well.

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    Very nice work Juli!
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    That's a great idea to put it on a pipe so you can spin it! Brilliant!


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