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    I am heading up to UAF in a few weeks now and want to get a new camera before I leave. I am leaning towards a new Nikon D3300 as I have heard this is a good entry level camera that takes quality photos, even with the kit lens. That being said I am torn if I should get it or invest in a cheaper camera with a nicer lens. Wanting to mainly photograph wildlife and landscapes with the occasional aurora photo. Thanks for any input.

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    Good luck with your choice. I would look at deciding which body fits your needs and budget. I would also think you will be in the market for faster lenses very quickly. Especially for northern lights. Huge focal range on the kit lens allows you to do many things well but few things exceptional. I have been moving more towards prime lenses that are significantly faster. Bodies will appear to be outdated and void of the latest-greatest almost immediately. One or two well selected lenses will outlast and compliment any body. Consider buying a used or refurbished body and invest in glass. Tripod will be nice and polarizer a must. Read up on how to care for any camera when leaving for and returning from extreme cold weather. Love to hear what you decide on. Bruce
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