I know that dealers want a fortune for Zodiak boats around Fairbanks, and I would think that these would be a little cheaper in Anchorage. i am not thinking about buying one this year, just testing the water for next year or the year after (if I am still alive

If you use a 14' or larger Zodiak boat with a motor around 25-30HP (or so),and want to share your pros and cons about them...I would appreciate it. I plan to eventually take one to Chitina, and a propeller on the motor is not a problem as far as I can tell, except for shallower water while hunting around the rivers of the interior of AK. There a jet may be the best idea.

I have been back and forth on a 14' Zodiak on the canyon at the Copper, so I already know how it feels and that they do work. A 17-footer would be best, but I want to keep the cost low on the new Zodiak, and save for a new Honda or Yamaha motor.