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Thread: Marlin 1895 limbsaver

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    Default Marlin 1895 limbsaver

    Since Limbsaver does not make a specific recoil pad, how have you guys been fitting the limbsaver to your 1895's?

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    Default Recoil Pad

    Had a Pachmeyer Decelerator put on mine. A Local gun shop did the instalation.

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    I put a Limbsaver (model 10102 ) on my Marlin 1895GS and it fits perfectly... and works great!

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    Default limbsaver

    Ditto on Moose Whisperer


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    Default 1895 Limsaver Info

    From a previous post of mine:

    "I highly recommend this pad! I used the LimbSaver Part# 10102 on my Marlin model 1895 wood stock. If you look at the LimbSaver website, it shows this part for the Marlin model 444, 336, etc. in wood, but for some reason the 1895 is not listed. It fits just fine and results in a comfortable gun to shoot. It cost around $25 at Sportsman's Warehouse.

    I have to admit that I didn't even attempt to shoot the 45-70 with the hard rubber factory stock pad, so I can't report on the difference between the two. I can say that the LimbSaver pad (part# 10001 - again not listed by LimbSaver) made a significant difference on my synthetic stock Weatherby Vanguard .338 WM. I'm sure the recoil with hard factory pad on the Marlin with +P loads would be brutal!!

    If you have any question about which LimbSaver model will fit your particular gun, their website has measurements and templates under the "technical" tab. You can print the template in actual size and compare it to your factory pad for an exact fit."

    Good luck and happy shooting!

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    Thanks! My used 1895M had the limbsaver attached when I purchased it, but now I have a 1895gs, and have to do the work myself. Thanks again!


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