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Thread: Lumbar style packs

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    Default Lumbar style packs

    Looking at getting a lumbar shoulder style pack.

    I'll usually don't hunt (Bow & rifle) to far from the truck or the SxS (+\- 3 miles). Also looking at for when we do a pack in hunt. Something light enough to carry from base camp and have the basic essentials.

    Looking at these packs. Black creek, Tenzing or Badlands

    Thoughts, suggestions, reviews ??? TIA

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    I got one from Cabela's several years ago that sort of looks like the Badlands Monster. I like it better than a frame pack or a more traditional day pack. The lumbar style lets me move under branches without getting hung up near as much; it also lets me put a jacket on or off without first taking off the pack. I also find it has more than enough room to carry the essentials I'll need for the day. I see the Cure model talks about being able to pack out meat with it; I've never tried to pack out meat with mine so I can't speak to that with any authority. However, it seems to me that anything more than a boned out Blacktail doe might be asking a bit much.

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    I have an Alps Max 1 which is a lumbar with shoulder straps that have buckles and the belt has a zipper on the top rear to attach a small day pack which I used sometimes but mostly just the things I need for the day in the lumbar. If I'm on a 4 wheeler or canoe I do bring the pack with food usually but I don't usually attach it to the harness. I've used it for 4 years and I do like it for most activities where survival gear is appropriate. The shoulder straps do help spread the load but most of it sits on the hips. Best part is I paid about $30 for it on close-out at Sierra Trading Post.

    I got caught out over night while deer hunting a couple years ago. Temps down to 20F and I was fine with what I had except for a rain suit that I didn't take with me. Now I do all the time...dry is much safer than wet.
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