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    Hey guys I've been in fairbanks for the last 2 months and my brother is coming up from GA this weekend and was wondering where would be a good place to take him fishing. I was wanting to try and catch a king and was hoping if yall could help me out.

    Also I was wondering if the Reds are still gonna be running this weekend down on the Kenai/Russian?

    I appreciate any info,


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    Default Crowds and Fishing

    Well should be a Great Weekend for some combat fishing on the Parks all the systems should be just about at Peak weekend. WIllow, Montana Creek etc... Expect some company and I do mean lots but the fishing should be good.

    The Gulkana was excellent this weekend but busy as always from Sourdough Down when the fish a running. Reds in the system but are pushing hard up the river.

    The Klutina still has Reds running but not in the numbers we saw last weekend. The Kings are in good there as well but not a good bank fishery for that.

    Mike down on the Kenai and Kasilof reprted decent fishing. The Russain was over crowded and took 30 minutes in line to get to the gate to pay.

    So Peak Runs, Peak People! You have the entire road system to fish to have a decent chance at fish.

    You might conidered Mahays and a drop off at Clear Creek or hire a charter if you can find one this weekend not booked and that might even be a chore.

    Sunshine and Caswell Creeks might be a good option.

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    CLear Creek has been producing big fish, the drop off is worth it.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    How much is it for a drop off?

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    Default jet drop off at clear creek

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    thanks man that sounds perfect!



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