The folks at Montana Creek Campground and RV Park report that the Silvers are in at Montana Creek!
Friday, 24 July 2015 02:01 - Silvers have started arriving in Montana Creek. They are hitting on blue and green lures. For you fly fishermen, make sure you've got some blue and green leeches as well as some flesh pattern flies. For the spin casters among us, size 4 vibrax and pixees. We have also seen success with a simple corky and yarn rig."

Montana Creek Campground is less than five minutes from the USSA range!

What a great Alaska weekend! Bring your family and friends!

Come to the Alaska Appleseed Marksmanship clinic, improve your marksmanship skills, earn the covered Appleseed Rifleman patch, learn some American history, and then go fishing!

August 8th & 9th at the Upper Susitna Association Shooters range.

Do you know what the Steady Hold Factors are? Do you know what your Natural Point of Aim is and how to find it? How about the Six Steps of Firing a Shot?

Do you know the real story of "The Shot Heard 'round the World"?

Who else rode with Paul Revere? Did you know that Paul Revere was captured by the Redcoats during his Midnight Ride?

Why did the Revolutionary War really start? (Hint: It was not because of taxes)

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