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Thread: Kichatna River - experiences?

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    Default Kichatna River - experiences?

    I'm considering running the Kichatna River and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I've got a 16' jon boat with a 50 jet and I'm wondering how far I could make it up in a run in mid-September. I understand that water levels in this area tend to drop quickly as you start getting later and later into the fall. In your experiences,

    • How far can you typically make it up?
    • Are there big rocks or logjams that can cause issues?
    • Is it a particularly difficult river to read/judge?
    • Does it flow particularly fast?
    • Are there any other considerations that I'm not taking into account?


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    Its easy to read, log jams are an issue farther up, getting through the first 2-3 miles looks like the toughest part for a ways, at least from the air it looks that way. Larry heater has taken one of his landing crafts up there a ways before, so it can be done, but he says the corners are a little tight for a 30 foot landing craft. There is a gold mine project at the first big creek confluence, and they regularly boat in. The current moves at a decent clip, about willow creek speed.


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