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Thread: Lightweight starter delema.

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    Default Lightweight starter delema.

    I have a Magnaflite MZ6222 lightweight starter on my 0-320. I have noticed that the bendix does not like to engage sometimes when the engine is hot. Usually it likes to act up when it is windy and I am being blown backwards towards a turbine Otter or Beaver.
    The more witnesses the more likely it is to make that spinning sound and not engage.

    I blow it out every few days and spray the heck out of the bendix assembly with silicone spray. That seems to help for awhile.

    So are the Sky-Tec ( or is it Air Tec) lightweight starters any better ???? Or should I just buy a rebuilt or new MagnaFlite ???
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    Much better.
    Skytec NL
    or B&C

    Tie the magnaflite to a rope for a good anchor?

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    Skytec has excellent service and product. Make sure your ring gear tooth count matches what you purchase. You can change out just the gear ring if the need arises.


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