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Thread: Crows Pass - Need Help

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    Smile Crows Pass - Need Help

    I'll be flying into Anchorage in a couple weeks with my father and brother. It's a trip i'm taking them on so they don't know anything about it yet. I just told them to take vacation they did.

    I've decided on Crows Pass...most likely at 3 night 4 day hike. Just so that we can take our time and enjoy the view. If we finish it early we might need another place to go.

    How can I get from the airport to the beginning of the trail...and then when we do I get back to the airport? Also, is there any other trails close by that we can explore if we finish early?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Ride from Trailhead

    The Eagle River Nature Center trailhead has a payphone from which you could call a cab or the Eagle River Airport Shuttle 907-694-8888 ($35 from Eagle River to the airport for 3 people). From the Crow Pass trailhead there's no phone and it's probably 8 miles or so of dirt road to the actual town of Girdwood; however, there's a good chance you can hitch a ride to Girdwood this time of year.

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    Check with Alaska Shuttle and Girdwood Shuttle for options. Both offer service to/from Crow Pass Trailhead, and the former has service in the Eagle River Bowl as well.


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