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Thread: Family hunting trip

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    Default Family hunting trip

    I am planning on going rifle caribou hunting sometime near the second week in august. I want to take my entire family, so I am looking for something not to far off the beaten path.

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    Some more detail would be helpful in giving suggestions. It seems you are hoping to stick to the road system, right? If so, do you have access to ATVs, or will you be hunting on foot? How old is the youngest member of the family?

    Be aware that opportunities for caribou on the road system are quite limited. Two of the best road-accessible caribou areas are either restricted to a subsistence permit (Nelchina herd) or to bowhunting within 5 miles of the road with no atv access (Central Arctic Herd - Haul Road). The only opportunity that comes to mind is the registration hunt for the 40-mile herd, which is typically hunted via atv, but is potentially doable on foot.

    Do a few searches through the forum archives for caribou hunting, 40-mile, etc. You'll find that volumes have already been written on this topic, so it should give you a decent place to start your research. Good luck!


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