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    Ok so I am just looking for opinions on a run to Nuka Bay towards this weekend. Considering the NGC forecastů.looks at this time favorable. I am running a 22' sea runner HT with a 200 hp motor with 100 gallons of fuel. Not sure at this time if I will be running solo or not. Just trying to get a feel as to expect with what is forecasted. I guess the question that I am looking to have answered is, Am I crazy for considering this or not?

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    I consider that trip solo with your setup borderline crazy. It would make more sense to go with another boat, and IMO more fuel. On paper, 100 gallons should give you plenty of range, but I have experienced seas that used twice as much gas than normal. It's a doable trip with the right weather
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    75 to 80 mile run from Seward. Should be no problem with fuel but I would take an extra 5 with me. We run to Montie out of Whittier a bit and I have had 20 gallons of fuel left every time this year. My tank is 85 gallons. It is about the same distance. Whittier is protected though - I can tuck and hide if need be.

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    great bay when the weather is nice, i was there twice last year, but came from the Homer side, long run!

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    Be wary of the weather coming and act accordingly. Carry overnight gear and watch your crossings of big water.

    I have done it my 24' SeaSport quite a few times solo. Just be aware of all that goes with it. I always throw an extra 15 gallon jug of fuel on for bad weather. Twice I needed it. Once we gave another boat enough to get to port on.

    The last trip of the year to Nuka there were 6 Russian long liners evenly spaced across the bay. As soon as they dropped one they would move over and start picking up another. At night they all rafted together. Started the same game early the next morning. I never saw so many yellow eye floating around the bay. A first for us was a skunk on halibut there. Long way to go for a few ling and yellow eye.

    Good luck and catch a big one.
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