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Thread: Outboard Motor Repair - Mechanical throttle Linkage Slipping

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    Default Outboard Motor Repair - Mechanical throttle Linkage Slipping

    Sorry if this has been covered before, but I had a quick question. I am looking for someone to help with a hopefully quick fix for a 15hp Evinrude outboard. The throttle linkage connection (where the tiller handle rotates up) is loose and slips far too easily. I've played with it some, but just don't have the time available to mess with it. Anyone know a good local shop that I could check with to look at this? Thanks for any help.

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    I have a similar problem with the 15 HP Merc on my tender, and need to find a shop that will source the replacement (cables and control handle) and perform the installation this winter while it's in town on a trailer. Is there a reputable shop that does this kind of work on boats/components not purchased from them?

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    A couple thoughts....If the Evinrude is a 2 stroke, I bet J. Kimberley could get you going. Ak Mining is also a Evinrude dealer. Bass Pro has told me they will work on any brand and for StevenKL, they are a Merc dealer, as is Ak Power Sports.


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