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Thread: Lee R.E.A.L bullets molds

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    Default Lee R.E.A.L bullets molds

    Looking at gitting these molds for my CVA optima v2 rifle and pistol.

    How do they shoot, load and accuracy

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    I have all the various weights they've made over the years in 50, 54 and 58 caliber. They're a woolly bugger to get started in the bore if you don't use absolutely pure lead. But that's the route to accuracy.

    In my experience, all of them shoot better with a lubed felt wad between them and the powder. For lube on the felt as well as the bullets themselves I use LEE Liquid Alox. On the bullets I put a bunch of bullets in a ziploc and pour a little of the Alox over them. Slosh around to coat the bullets well, then pull them out to dry, sealing the bag with the Alox for more use. Once dry, put the bullets back in the bag and retreat for a second coat. Nice because it's a fairly dry lube, easing handing of the bullets in the field.

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    Yeah, they are a leetle hard to start, compared with a PRB.

    BB tolt me bout using Lee Alox, for them and like most of his advice, it worked fine.

    They are not too accurate, in my 1-66 twist rifle.

    I've loaded them in my Traditions Trapper Percussion Pistol, for extra POWER.

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    I have an italian Hawken carbine with a 24 inch barrel and 1 in 48 twist and I shoot nothing but Lee Real bullets moulded out of telephone lead which is pure if you cut out the solder joints out of the sleeves. I also have a TC White Mountain Carbine that likes the Real Bullets and it has a real fast twist like 1 complete twist in how ever long that short barrel is 21 or 22 inches. I do most of my hunting sitting in a tree and very seldom shoot over 50 yards. A real tree 50 cal bullet weighing I think 248 if they are pure lead running 1500 fps has never let me down.

    I just got rid of the last of my inlines. A CVA Accura MR Black Nitride. I bought it new this time last year for the October musket season but when it came time to walk out the door I grabbed ole "Tick Licker" and some real bullets. I lube mine with the messy, stinky old bore butter that smells like Ben Gay.........deer must like Ben Gay smell or maybe they can't smell them inside the snuff can in my possible bag. Anyway that's what works for me.


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