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Thread: Kiddie Pole Halibut fishing

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    So a dozen or so kayak anglers decided to take a break from serious fishing and try to catch a halibut or two with the Kiddie Poles. The halibut fishing has slowed down for us kayakers but there were still fish to be had. We got blown off on Saturday but Sunday was beautiful.

    Tons of reds hopping around us. Enough that a Salmon Shark came and visited one of the kayakers.

    I launched around 11:30am and was off the water by 2pmish. Managed five halibut to the kayak. None bigger than 20lbs. Several of the kayakers reported halibut too big for the in broken leaders and rods. So big ones are out there!!!

    Here's a video with three of the five fish. First fish explodes the reel. Fortunately I had a back up. Handlining even chickens with 20lbs spectra is a little scary! Lol.

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    It was a fun day I was one of the guys who hooked into a big fish it towed me around a while before It broke off I did manage a 14 lb halibut


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