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Thread: Cabin on piling suggestion/guidance

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    Default Cabin on piling suggestion/guidance

    I have a small piece of property located up past Willow that I want to put a recreational cabin on. Haven't decided on size yet. It is in a flood zone, so cabin needs to be elevated above the BFE (base flood elevation). I need it at least 6 feet but thought about up to 10 feet high. I was thinking of using steel piling. Haven't done a test dig to determine exact soil type, but will when I have equipment there to make a small gravel pad to park on.

    So my questions are:

    What size/diameter and wall thickness/schedule piling for up to 10 feet high?
    What spacing on the piling?
    What embedment is best for 10 feet high out of ground?
    Cross bracing needed?
    What piling company have you had good experiences with out that way?
    Use steel or wood beams?
    Is there a better way than my thoughts?

    Any other thoughts, suggestions, recommendations or criticize my plans are welcome.

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    If you are thinking of being that high in the air you might want to think about getting a well driller to come and use 6" well casing . If you used 1 stick for each post that would give you 11 the ground ,don't think that would be over kill for being that tall. Don't try to get by too cheep.

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    There are a number of businesses that will "drive" expired well casing to a certain hydraulic resistance. I used McGann Construction out of Big Lake, he also supplied the 5 1/2" saddles that fit inside the pilings that the 6X12s sit in. I have also used the Techno-Metal Posts guy out of Homer (he has an Anchorage/Valley crew also). He has a machine that will drill posts to a certain resistance. I used those for pilings for 40' connexes. They seem to work great. At least the connexs have not moved even a fraction.

    Whichever you go with, at 10' high, it will most certainly need cross bracing. I hired a welder that put bracing halfway up, parallel to the ground, in a triangle arrangement (from outside pilings to inside center pilings. I had him weld "tabs" near the top and bottom of all the outside pilings and I used some stainless cable I found on craigslist and some expensive turnbuckles to cross brace the outside pilings. Seems pretty sturdy but I am not near 10' off the ground.


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