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Thread: Alaska Sporting Clays State Shoot

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    Default Alaska Sporting Clays State Shoot

    All -
    There is an upcoming Alaska State Sporting Clays Shoot with events beginning on Thursday, July 30 at 5pm at Grouse Ridge in Wasilla. There is more detail at the association's web site and/or see the attached flyer. Below is an email from the association's secretary with more detail. We do need to register ahead of time so GR knows how many participants to plan for trappers and food. We also need to register with the national association but we compete within our own class (new shooters will be E) so don't think you need to shoot in the 90's on a 100 target course to compete.

    The association's website is


    Alaska Sporting Clays Members, this email is meant to inform you about the upcoming Alaska State Sporting Clays Shoot. Attached is a flyer with more detail, you can also access the Association website at You’ll find a banner with a link to the official schedule of events and registration forms. The registration form has instructions for emailing or faxing the form to Grouse Ridge. It’s important to pre-register for squadding purposes, we want Grouse Ridge to have enough staff to support the number of shooters that want to shoot. I also attached the form and schedule of events.

    The events begin on Thursday, July 30th at 5:00pm. You MUST call ahead for squad assignment for these events.

    Friday, July 31st have FITASC, SxS, Sub-Gauge and the Preliminary events, hours are 9:30am till 9:00pm. There is a lunch special available and a “cook your own steak” dinner special available at the Club.

    Saturday, August 1st has the first 100 birds of the main event and FITASC, SxS and Sub-Gauge events. There will be a Lunch Special available at the Club.
    The Association is hosting a sponsored BBQ dinner for all Main event competitors after shooting is concluded Saturday, we’ll even have some free beer on hand so please sign up early, it will help us plan the correct amount of food and cups!
    Also, any shoot-offs that need to occur will be held Saturday afternoon before the dinner begins!

    Sunday, August 2nd, will see the Second 100 birds of the Main Event. The range opens at 10:00am and there will be a shotgun start at 11:00am for the event. Grouse Ridge is sponsoring a Spaghetti/Salad/Garlic bread lunch for all competitors.
    Any necessary shoot offs will be held after the event conclusion and the Annual meeting for the Association will begin immediately after any shoot off’s.
    Trophies will be presented to the winners after conclusion of any shoot-offs required.

    The Annual Meeting will include an election for All Board Member positions, it’s important that we have as many members present as possible, both for nominations and for input to the Association.
    To that end, we have many Prizes to be given away to induce you into staying for the meeting. Some of these will include:
    A Rugged Gear 2 gun cart
    5 each gun slips, embroidered with the AKSCA Logo (Donated by Baker Hughes)
    Flats of Shotgun Shells
    At least One shotgun will be given away, details of the gun(s) coming soon.
    You must be present to win these prizes.

    The drawing for the Blaser F3 being raffled off by the Association will also occur. Some tickets are still available so if you want one, contact one of your Board Members…contact information is on our Website. You do not need to be present to win the Blaser.

    Folks, we really need your participation in the meeting, all Board Member positions, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director positions are all up for election. Please be thinking about nominations for these positions. We need your input and your participation to make the Association work… After all, this is about you, the Shooters.

    I hope you can attend the State Shoot, I’m sure we’ll have great targets, plenty of variety and a challenging course for the different events.

    Good Shooting!

    Don Spencer, Secretary
    Alaska Sporting Clays Association
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    I want to add one more item. I'm a relatively new registered shooter. I've shot winter league at Birchwood for the past 10 years and some fun walkthrough shoots at Grouse. The shooters I've been around have been friendly and accepting of any shooter. One of the objectives of the Sporting Clay Association is to develop the sport at all levels of participation. I posted a schedule earlier for the registered shoots which includes a regular Wednesday night shoot at BW that I go to after work. Anyone interested in shooting on Wednesdays, drop me a PM and let's see if we can shoot on the same squad and if not, I can get you with others who would welcome a new shooter. It's all about breaking clay and having fun doing so.

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    i shoot wednesdays also. what team are you on?
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    I mostly shoot with some friends around 5 to 5:30 most of the time. No real team. Shot last night and scored either 74 or 75. The scores weren't posted on the website this morning so I couldn't confirm.

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    I've shot the AK State Championship a bunch of times, and it's always fun. I just wish they did a better job of promoting it to the outside.

    I'll be up there the Aug 8 thru the 15, maybe I'll see you on 12th at Birchwood.
    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
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    I'm a newbie to the "they" this year. We're trying and will continue to try thru the winter to promote next year's shoot earlier and in more public areas. We got a late start on the organizing but we all have learned a lot and will put that to use next year.

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    A few free posts with links to the club and the registration here: would help get the word out.

    Best part of all, it's free

    I used to do it every year for the AK State Championship, but it seemed "they" weren't interested in promoting it outside of the local area.
    brad g.
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    OP, give us an update !!
    brad g.
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    Busy times...the shoot finished Sunday afternoon. Please search for Alaska Sporting Clays on facebook for some pictures as well as the Grouse Ridge site for results. When I get a little more time, I'll repost here. I was up at Grouse Ridge tonight and Glenn did a fantastic job setting some challenging targets. I didn't shoot but a friend said the HOA on Day 1 was a 77. I'll get some more info on here soon.

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    Default AK Sporting Clay Results

    Here are the official results...
    Congrats to Mr. Wolverton (Awesome shooter!!!)

    Also, very good to see a respectable number of D and E class shooters and of course, we can't forget the Hunter class. Thanks for coming out!!!

    Shooter SAT SUN Total
    CH JASON WOLVERTON 74 84 158

    MARSHALL P HARRELL M 72 78 150
    JAMES MCCORMICK AA 77 73 150
    * - - - - - - Shoot off - - - - - - *

    Class M
    DICK CONNOLLY #25 77 72 149
    DILLON COOK #12 75 71 146
    DANIEL E KNECHT #8 69 74 143
    JEROME L SOUKUP #30 71 68 139
    CLAYTON M RUE #9 66 69 135

    Class AA
    MIKE GRAVES #39 77 62 139
    CHARLES F SCHERER 61 68 129
    BRIAN MISKILL #44 61 59 120

    Class A
    DOUGLAS SMITH #51 74 60 134
    BRIAN M BAINES #41 65 61 126
    WILLIAM HIGGINS #52 56 57 113
    JEFFREY TOTH #5 48 64 112

    Class B
    MIKE CORRON #18 75 68 143
    LEONARD D SISK #26 75 66 141
    JOHN MARTIN #14 66 74 140
    KRIS HARRISON #29 66 73 139
    DONALD SPENCER #20 59 67 126
    ANDREW BUCHANAN #27 50 74 124
    RICHARD L FINNEY #45 64 57 121
    PAUL R RHODES #28 51 66 117
    LEAH E SHANNON #2 66 44 110

    Class C
    BILL BATSON #59 66 65 131
    SCOTT BROWN #49 63 64 127
    BRIAN BJORKQUIST #4 62 49 111
    COLBY LORD #17 48 63 111
    BRIAN J FISHER #42 51 48 99
    MICHAEL O'CONNOR #48 49 44 93
    JOHN WILSON #24 66 66

    Class D
    PATRIK G PULKKINEN 57 68 125
    ANDY R FETTERHOFF 53 67 120
    FRANS E DROOP #13 57 51 108
    ERIC D WIEMAN #23 52 49 101
    BILL COMBS #58 49 51 100
    O B MCCREARY #63 48 52 100
    MICHAEL ENGLAND #62 41 54 95
    MICHAEL V DILLON #21 50 43 93
    MIKE SHAW #22 45 45 90
    MARY SHANNON #3 43 45 88

    Class E
    JEFF S GRAHAM #35 59 61 120
    CONNOR SEAY #33 47 70 117
    SAYER KRUEGER #10 49 43 92
    WAYNE COPPEL #19 41 50 91
    SIERRA MORRIS #32 47 26 73

    KAREN STEEN #64 63 49 112
    NICK STEEN #65 58 51 109
    DAVID GATES #60 40 47 87
    PHIL THOMPSON #57 37 37


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