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Thread: Need ideas for Whittier Trip

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    Default Need ideas for Whittier Trip

    Thinking about taking my first trip over to Whittier in the next week or so. I have a 22 foot Pacific Cruiser and fish primarily out of Homer. I've got shrimp pots and all the usual fishing gear and a copy of the Lethcoe guide to cruising the sound. I'm looking for suggestions for where to go on a 3 day/2 night trip. I'd like to drop the pots and pull them a time or two on the trip and do some fishing/sightseeing. From what I've found searching it sounds like silvers are in South of Culross and with some work Lingcod can be found on the East side of Knight Island so I was kind of planning on getting out of Passage Canal and heading South. I would appreciate any suggestions you have for where to go. I'm looking for general ideas for:

    1.) Where to drop shrimp pots
    2.) Places to look at to find Lingcod
    3.) Thoughts of where to fish for salmon (would prefer silvers and kings, but any action is always fun)

    Don't really need to spend time looking for halibut. Fishing out of Homer all summer means I deal with plenty of those.

    Thanks in advance!

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    P. Nelliie Juan for pots, scoot to Crafton for Salmon, then on down to s. knight for lingers. Easy peasy.
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