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    Hey Gang,
    I'm new to this whole forum, so please bear with me. I am looking for info on halibut out of whittier. I was at the back side of Perry yestterday in the cove where the oystter farm is. I managed one small one but nothing else. If someone would please give me a hint or info on some halibut spots, it would be REALLY appreciated. I have a lot of friends that want to go fishing but I hate going all the way down to Deep creek or Homer so if I can find a decent spot to get a few butts, close, that would help. The name of my boat is the " Katie Renee", aftter my Grandmother who past away last year, but loved Hidden bay. It is a 24ft. Hewes cuddy, blue. If youre ever out give me a call, I'm on channel 16.

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    Ed, have you tried the search functions here? Much has been written about halibut fishing in Prince William Sound, so you may find some good direction via some old threads. On that note, though, don't expect to find anything comparable to Homer or Deep Creek out of Whittier. As you're probably aware, Prince William Sound is incredibly deep in most areas, far beyond the reach of most sport anglers. Not until one gets out by Montague Island can one find a bottom of consistent depth that is fishable. Out that direction, of course, is where to head for consistent halibut fishing. Closer in, as in Perry Island and the surrounding areas, halibut fishing in the Sound tends to be a patient man's game. Personally, I'm happy if I catch one, but...I'm sure there are some decent spots out there.

    Take a look through the forum archives, and then fish, fish, fish! You're bound to find a spot at some point.


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