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Thread: Best tide for dipnetting on the Kenai?

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    Question Best tide for dipnetting on the Kenai?

    Which phase of the tide cycle produces the most fish?
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    It depends on where you are in the river and if you are shore or boat fishing. The biggest factors are run timing, having your net in the water where the fish are, and keeping the net bag upstream of their direction of travel. Great fishing can be had at all tide stages.

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    Generally, you'll have fresh fish on the flood, but they can be spread out across the width of the river.

    Generally, also, as the tide ebbs, the fish concentrate in narrower channels.
    During slack tide, they tend to stay in place or meander around.

    That being said, if the fish are in the river and you have a boat, you can find them on any stage of the tide. Don't be hesitant about trying a spot no one else is at if the fishing is slow.

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    We e always done best on an outgoing, high tide has always been slow for us.

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