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    It looks like we may have 8-10 guys who have never done a float trip, myself included. We are beginning the planning process now, and we've decided that we would like to do one of these rivers for a 10-day trip. Goodnews, kanektok, or Togiak. These appear to be good choices for novice rafters? We are planning for 2017.

    I know this could be a big group. I'm looking for recommendations. We will all fly in to Anchorage. From there, it seems to make sense to fly to Dillingham or Bethel, depending on river. Looking for lodging options in both towns, and more importantly, bush flights to accommodate a larger group. Possibly multiple planes or multiple flights? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Try calling John Hohl at Alaska Fly Anglers. (907) 252-2868 or

    He was doing long float trips in that area. Last time I checked he was doing week long trips on American Creek, Moraine Creek, Alaganak River, Chilikadrotna River, Nushagak River and a couple others. I probably misspelled all of those...
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    I'd post this in the Rafting forum, probably get better reviews of outfits and river info there. Should be outfits that rent boats in both towns.

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    I would recommend Papa Bear Adventures in Bethel ( They have several planes, pilots, rafts/camp gear and other rental equipment, and a lodge. Or you can ship everything up in advance and use your own stuff. I have gone with them 3X in groups of 2-10 people. Have fun.


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