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Thread: Homer Spit pollock with my son. Salmon might be of interest to surfcasters

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    Default Homer Spit pollock with my son. Salmon might be of interest to surfcasters

    So I took my son halibut fishing on Saturday. I manage two chickens but he strikes out. So on Sunday I promised him we would go "catching" instead of "fishing".

    He had a blast. It was one pollock after the other as usual. It was great because after watching him, he was every bit as excited to get a hit from a pollock as he was the halibut. He got to handle well over 25 fish by himself. By the end of the day, he was a pro at catching and releasing pollock. That's important becasue there are subtle differences when fishing out of a kayak.

    So more interestingly, the pollock I caught were very clean. I know in the past the cod and pollock off the spit have been crazy scary as to the parasite load on them. But as we kept releasing the fish, I was noticing the fish looked super clean. My dad likes pollock and cod more than halibut so I kept a few. Pleasantly surprised when filleting them that they had very few worms in them. Nice clean fillets for the most part.

    Secondly, there were what looked like reds hopping all over the end of the spit. I think it's legal to snag if you are looking for meat in that area of K-Bay. Read the regs to make sure. Water is pretty clear so maybe a shrimp pattern might work. Literally ten feet off the shore or closer. At least on Sunday, the numbers I saw and proximity to shore would have made for easy limits I think with the "proper" gear.

    We also saw a couple of nice kings roll. I have no idea how long the red salmon hang out at the end of the spit, but they were there in pretty good numbers on Sunday.

    The 97 second video of my son...and pollock...

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    Haha, great video. Thanks for encouraging the next generation of sportsmen (and women when we have the opportunity!) It's more important than we sometimes realize.
    "Miss Mary"
    Kingfisher 2725, twin Yamaha 150's

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    Default Salmon

    My family just got back from the homer spit, my brother and I tried our luck at the fishing hole and silvers/kings were there in good numbers but not biting at low tide. We did miss a high tide that looked like it produced multiple fish for everyone using herring, tons of silvers coming in now. We camped on the right side of the spit and saw occasional jumpers off the green buoy beach, but not big numbers. Did not see any jumpers off of lands end. We did catch several flounder, Pollack etc. after wanting to do some "catching." The highlight of the trip was a chrome bright silver caught bottom fishing off lands end with small pieces of squid. Couldn't believe it.


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