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Thread: Thwart Under The Transom

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    Default Thwart Under The Transom

    I'm running a 450 Alaskan Ranger & was told I could/should get a thwart for behind the transom. This would keep my transom "up" when I'm on a drift.
    It was explained as "D-ringed" on to the pontoons, just under the jet leg.
    Anybody else tried this?

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    almost anything can work, but if your "thwart" is too large in diam it'll cause drag and get you hung up on shallows. I'd consider maybe a 1/8" plastic skid guard that secures with straps to a d-ring or two on each stern side. You'd want protection to be there to cover your transem but not so inflated that you dig in or drag on every shoal. I'm brainstorming here, though, but I've had transem damage and used UHMW 1/8" with success. Even if all you could find was HDPE you'd be better off than an inflatable device under the boat.

    Just my 2 pennies worth Ranger. But any Alaskan can make something work for the task...


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