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    Just a quick thanks for all the great info people have posted on this and other forums. We tried shrimping for the first time 2 years ago on borrowed gear and loved it, but pulling 300+ ft of line by hand got old real quick. This year we were prepared with a Scottie puller and great gear from Potpuller. Steve was kind enough to give us a ton of hints, tricks and methods and everything worked super. We're done shrimping now as the purse seiners are in Valdez harbor working Pinks, so no more shrimping as their boats are thick enough to walk on. Regardless we picked up 1100 shrimp in 2 1/2 weeks working 4 pots. By the way we fished a round pot for a few days after I lost a pot and it didn't perform worth a darn compared to Steve's gear.

    Again, thanks to everyone for the info and kindness to a guy from Delaware who just loves Alaska!!

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    Glad to hear it all worked out good for you guys !! If your traveling this way stop by for a visit. Email me some pictures if you have them of the shrimping zodiac !! Thanks for the kind words about my gear.
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