Hey gang - Long time listener, first time caller. My wife and I have been dipping Chitina for several years on foot by hiking in to the broken down trestle/bridge about two miles from the parking lot (with moderate success). This year we're taking our daughter along for the first time and will be joined by some friends with a side by side/ATV. So we're looking to head farther in and see what happens, but want to know a little about what we'll find since we'll have the little one.

I've never really known what is beyond the trestle (sounds like the worst Alaskan horror movie ever..."Beyond the Trestle!"), so was hoping someone would confirm what I've always thought, and what Google Earth appears to confirm: It looks like that trestle is about halfway from the parking lot to the tightest part of the canyon (apprx. 4-5 miles from parking area?), which is where I'll find good dipping from shore/cliffs and, equally important, a half-decent place to camp? Or is it a short enough haul on a 4 wheeler that we should plan just to camp in the parking lot and drive out to the fishing area just to fish? I have a good understanding of what I need to do as far as dipping, but if anyone has any helpful info on the path and camping scene out that road I'd certainly appreciate it. Not looking for your favorite spot, just trying to pull this off safely and have some fun with the whole family.

Really appreciate it - hope everyone is having fun this season

- Munson