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Thread: YC833 Youth Caribou hunt

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    Default YC833 Youth Caribou hunt

    My son was lucky and drew the YC833 tag, the youth caribou hunt in mid August, 10th-21 st along the Taylor Hwy. Only 13 permits. We've been up the Taylor Hwy on up to Eagle a number of times but have never hunted that area.

    I've spoken with F&G in Tok and will be contacting them again here shortly. Anyway we're looking for any advice on hunting this area. We made a scouting trip up that way in June and located a few areas that looked promising.

    We have atv's and can/will get off the hwy, I saw a number of trails but if anyone has any details about these trails or where you would look for caribou that time of year I would appreciate it.

    My son has been hunting with me for years but has yet to harvest a big game animal and I'm hoping this will be a good opportunity. He's a crack shot, passed his hunters safety when he was eight and is ready to go today.

    We'll both celebrate our Birthdays on this hunt and it would be the best B-Day present ever if he is successful.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Caribou are so unpredictable I think it would be hard to really recommend anywhere. Try to get herd info from F&G. I know some bou herds in Alaska have animals with GPS collars and F&G uses that info in managing the herd. Obviously they won't give you lat and long for individual animals, but they may give you general locations that you can use to choose where to hunt. They also make aerial flights to check on where the herd is.
    Youth hunts are pretty popular w/ADF&G so be sure anyone you speak to knows your hunting for a youth.
    Seems like there was a guy named Bob, in the Tok office that was real helpful when getting info about the herd during last winters hunt out the steese and Hot springs road.
    Is any of that area in the preserve? Wouldn't hurt to check with them.
    Good luck.
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    That early, the caribou will most likely be scattered out in singles and small groups. Finding them will be largely a matter of getting high and picking the terrain apart with optics until you locate some. In hot weather, look high and in cool or rainy weather look lower in elevation...that's about as much of a pattern in early August as I can discern.

    With the lack of hunting pressure- finding one and stalking at long range is a definite possibility.
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