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Thread: Fireworks up north

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    Talking Fireworks up north

    Gents and Ladies:

    Any major production fireworks gonna happen up your way?

    Much of the East Coast is on standby due to potential T storms. But Boston, NYC and DC do know how to make it happen if the weather cooperates.

    Just curious...your comrade in arms

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    Fire danger is on the 'high' side, so most have been cancelled. There has been over 1 million acres burned already and we still have a lot of summer to go. We will make up for this delay on 31 Dec 2015!!!!!

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    Fireworks are banned in the Fairbanks North Star Borough because of fire risk. There have actually been over 2 million acres burned in Alaska so far, according to the DOF. Gorilla Fireworks has suspended sales for the time being.

    Can't see fireworks up here in the 4th, anyway - too light.
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    Fireworks have been banned from sale in most places due to fire danger. Our total acreage in Alaska that is on fire or has been burned is 2,374,755. Yep, that's 2.3 Million acres. According to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center situation report. Currently we have 36 staffed wildfires and 261 fires in "monitor" status, meaning they are letting them go and just watching them. So far, 277 fires have been human caused with 346 being caused by lightning. All this from the AICC website.
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