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Thread: struck out in Seward.

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    Default struck out in Seward.

    So I'm down in Seward today with my family another family.Mybuddy and I go out to check out how things are and where some good views are to take the family to on Saturday.Wellwe found a couple and tried fishingwest of Foxand thumb cove.We struck out.Tried to driftbut the 14ozKodiak customs wouldn'stay on bottom. Anchoredand still not bite.Anyoneknow of some decent places closethatmyfamily will be able to get some good picturesand maybe catch some bottom feeders? I'm notset up to fish for silver's. Thanks

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    Between Rugged and Hive Island. Check the chart for the line where it drops off there. You may need to anchor due to winds. You can always drag a bucket to slow down.

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    Not sure how you chose Seward but Homer is a much better place to find large numbers of halibut close in for the family.

    Gearing up for silvers is not complicated, go into the tackle shop there in town and get some flashers, deep six divers and herring rigs.

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    Watch for structure around Fox, Hive, and Rugged Island. Any jig like a Wilson Dart will at find Rock Fish. I've always found it best to anchor over gravel bottom or a drop off for halibut. There are many techniques, but when anchored, soaking a large piece of herring on a circle hook is hard to beat. It also really helps to chum the bottom with chopped herring, salmon guts, etc. As limon32 said, there are lots of Silvers around now and they aren't difficult to catch. Good luck!
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