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Thread: ALCAN/Spring thaw?

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    Default ALCAN/Spring thaw?

    When on average does it start thawing out, of course it depends on our winters, Reason is I'm looking at possibly running to TX/NC/Great Lakes area next spring to pick up a new boat and drag it back up here. Not worried about wide loads or the trailer and truck mechanically. I'll be looking at a load of about 17000lbs behind the truck, trailer will be custom built gooseneck if I can pull the cash for it. I was hoping temps in mid-late april might allow me to drive down, and possibly return, need to be fishing by beginning of May at the latest. Set of chains for everytire will most likely be in the kit.
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    I drove back up here this spring about 1st week of march, wasn't that bad just driving my pickup but if i was towing anything it would of been not to nice a trip. You should be worried about wide loads, narrow roads, getting gas/fuel and breakdowns. I'd say late april you should be fine temps wise but i'd still worry about wide loads and narrow roads.

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    In 2013 there was snowfall from Tok to Anchorage on May 18. Around May 1 there was heavy snow at Toad River and Watson Lake and temps well below freezing. In 2012 we got to Tok and they had just plowed a few sites at the RV park around May 20. Make your plans and add a few days for weather delay and have at it.


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