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Thread: June 26-27 report

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    Default June 26-27 report

    Arrived at 6 pm on Friday. Fished for 1 hr on Friday night drifting the lower limit. Caught 25 reds and 2 kings. We had 2 nets in the water.
    Saturday morning we fished for 3 hrs and caught our remaining 75 fish. Shore fishing appeared to be poor. The water was high. Caught 5 kings total.
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    Kenai or Kasilof?

    EDIT: nevermind, Kenai isn't open yet.

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    Glad to see the kings are there. Too bad you had to let them go.
    We fished the upper river yesterday and picked up 3 reds for 4 anglers and a total of 3 or so hours of fishing for us all. Of course this was with rod and reel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfkiller View Post
    ...drifting the lower limit...
    Great report, great results. I wonder if the fish are just hanging out down there waiting for the right conditions to start moving into the mouth.

    Was anybody shore fishing at the lower limit?

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    Many people fishing from shore beyond the lower limit, boats too. The shore fishing there appeared to be good as I drove by, but I didn't give it a try.
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