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Thread: Good Samaritans in Passage Canal

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    Default Good Samaritans in Passage Canal

    Many thanks to the Good Samaritans near Decision Point who were outbound as I was inbound to Whittier this morning. We had come through some rough water in the main channel North of Cochrane Bay that had apparently snapped my Zodiac tie-downs on the roof of my Bayliner. Near Decision Point it flew off without me knowing it, and some great folks who were headed out found it and put a call out on the radio for a "lost Zodiac". I asked the wife to check the roof, and sure enough -- it was gone. We swung around and met up with these great guys who had secured our Zodiac, and we loaded it back aboard our boat.

    Unfortunately, in all the chaos I didn't get their names, but if you know who the Good Samaritans are, I'd appreciate a PM. I owe them!

    Nice to know there are such helpful folks out there!

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    I like to hear these kinds of reports, good to know there's some decent people out there
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    That great to hear.

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