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    Default Upper Gulkana Report

    Ok guys I just pulled my second trip off of the upper Gulkana and here is the report....

    The water is low and we all know that. My last group had no trouble with the entire section but experienced the skinniest water below the outlet at Paxon down to the Middle Fork. Water levels were doable below the Middle Fork and the canyon was in good shape as well. They ran the canyon successfully with only 1 rock giving them any problem. Stay to River Center at the Picket Fence!

    Fishing: Rainbows were fair which is expected until early July when it normally picks up. No big Rainbows caught but the best fishing was with Bead Head/diving Leach patterns. Some luck with Dolly Lamahs and green leach or Woolly Buggers but only with weighted heads. Too many grayling at the surface.

    Get out there and keep your lines tight!

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    awesome report, thanks brother. Typical June minus the rain...headed to valdez area tomorrow for a fish run.

    Might stop at the bridge (gulkana) or Klutina for reds. was at sourdough a couple days ago and the murkey water showed up about 1 am. Kept 3 kings in about 4 hours fishing (3 guys). nothing after 1 am. Bridge was also quiet. Klutina quiet for reds as well. Hoping it picks back up but need some flow to increase movement.

    Thanks again, Walt.

    lb, out

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    Stop by next time! We are having a great year with lots of happy fishermen!

    Today was slow but 6/27 was hot with lots of kings landed and the largest in the 34 pound range.

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    Up Date!!!

    Ok its July 2 and the river is quickly returning to normal. I dropped a group off at Poplar Grove this morning and the water clarity looked close to normal. I also had a group return from the upper river and they reported that the west fork was clear and the clarity from the Sourdough was normal..

    So it is my forecast that the cater clarify is good, fishing is good and the river is not crowded and if you want to chased the last of the Kings or the gobs of Reds in the river look us up!

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    We are doing a family Gulkana float & fish tomorrow, where can we expect to find the best rainbow and greyling fishing? Good campsites?

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    Lakers at the outlet-Paxon, Greyling from the outlet through the West Fork and Rainbows in the canyon.

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