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Thread: Interior guys what rivers you run?

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    Default Interior guys what rivers you run?

    How about some people chime in about where they like to run their riverboats. I like running the clearwaters. Salcha, Delta, 5 mile clear creek, and Richardson clearwater. I spent some time on Google Earth and saw what I thought was a clear creek and it was just Volkmar creek. I thought I was onto something no one knew about well I was very wrong. If I can find it you bet someone else has been there. Those days of secret places are gone. Just a swamp little slough really. Not clear full of Iron I think. Would like to run the Clear creek that flows into Tangles. You park on the Richardson road next to that rainbow mountain. I hear thats a nice clear creek. I just don't know where to launch.

    Anyone went to Circle to the Yukon and to Porcupine? I'd like to try that. Also from Circle up river to some of the clear waters that run close to the range for the 40 mile caribou heard.


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    The clear creek that flows out of Tangle lakes and runs by rainbow ridge is the Delta River. There is a falls up toward the lakes that will stop you. Some people run boats up there hunting. Right next to rainbow ridge is Phelan creek. Gulkana river, Copper, Chitina, Tazlina, Klutina, Chisana, and many more. Would really like to go on a Yukon river hunt. Maybe next year I can afford it.

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    The Yukon is an awesome trip, just be careful going up; that road is hell on your boat. especially the trailers without springs.


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