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Thread: Swan Lake Packraft Rondy

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    Default Swan Lake Packraft Rondy

    Thought I'd share a video from our Swan Lake packraft trip to the Tokositna/Chulitna. Fun trip with the PR49 and friends...

    2-3 days is perfect for this trip, with an easy 6 mile hike in from the Parks Hwy.


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    Cool trip,, my family really enjoys our PR49. They use it a lot floating the Chena doing beer floats. Handy for more than hunting and hiking. We also fish the Kenai with them.
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    Nice work on the hike in. I've found that route to be slightly swampy, although with the drier conditions this year maybe it wasn't too bad. I've done the same float but as a fly-in. Love the view north where the Tok meets the Chulitna.

    Those PR-49 look fun and functional.

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    Stid...i like all the quips you finish with on your gopro footage. Thanks for the help and hangin out too. I enjoy our chill time, brotherman.

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    Here's another video showing the transport option I chose (sled). This was a trial run for me as part of the planning phase for an epic August drag fest. The sleds will help us avoid two round trips of untold miles to reach a small river on the western North slope.


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    Larry, that sled you rigged looks pretty slick. The first time I watched the top video I saw it rolled up on the stern of your raft and thought it was a plastic bucket. I hope to see a writeup of this sled some time, it looks like something I'm more than capable of doing. I at least have the mule-headed part down.

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    I'll post a message on the sled forum I was following, then post a link here. maybe tonight or tomorrow morning. Been loading the last youtube for 9 hours now, so maybe later tonigth it'll be uploaded for ya.

    The sled worked well, but I think the harness is the really slick and effective part of the system. I'm happy to share what I know about costs for a DIY system...since we Alaskans can do pretty much anything we set our minds to. All it costs is time and money, right?



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