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Thread: Saltwater Fly Fishing For Kings

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    Default Saltwater Fly Fishing For Kings

    Getting this stuff figured out, both casting and trolling.

    I still need to take some photos and post, but we've caught enough fish to learn some lessons about streamers, both for casting and trolling. A "jigging" motion adds notably to the catch rate. Kings can't seem to resist a falling fly, no matter how brief. Even trolling. Pull the fly slowly forward 2 or 3 feet, then drop the line back quick so there's a brief moment of slack. With a weighted head the fly tips down briefly even while trolling. Easy when hand-holding a rod, and as it turns out, easy in the rod holder. Just grab the line and pull in 2 or 3 feet, then drop the line and allow the fly to fall back. A high portion of our hits come as the fly is falling back.

    I've started tying our streamers with the large size Fish Skulls, silver for herring and olive for needlefish. The large size is supposedly good for the 3/0 hooks we prefer, but some brands of hooks have eyes too big. Double check before tying.

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    Hogwash aand farytails!!!!!! Kings won't take a fly in the salt, those are all photoshopped You're killing me Hank...
    Life's to short for an ugly boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abel View Post
    You're killing me Hank...
    You can relax now!

    Drew a blank yesterday. The bait has moved out of the shallows and the kings went right with them.

    Timing was perfect. Our friends from Montana got nine between them over the previous two days. We had Jesse all ginned up for great fly fishing yesterday, and poof. The kings were gone. Good thing we always find lots to talk about, because we had nothing else to do for 6 hours!

    Back to messing with the King Kandy, especially after Jeff's latest post from Old Harbor!

    Of course, it's going to be more complicated than that.... I just received some experimental plugs to test, so those will be swimming alongside the KK's.


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