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Thread: float moose hunt for new hunter

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    Default float moose hunt for new hunter

    i am looking for a spot to float to get my 14 brother on his first moose so what are some good easier float trips in the interior to get a new kid on a moose?

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    Well anything that is easy is going to have lots and lots of people. Your question is open ended some what ie. nice easy spot in the interior.

    Question 1 is what do you consider easier? Some people shy from Class II water while others think it is easy! What type of prior experience do you have in a round boat or cat? Have you in the past floated 10-12 days on a semi remote river? What type of gear do you plan on using i.e. are you a kitchen sink guy or a Mountain House guy with a 2 person 4 lb tent?

    Lots of things could be asked concerning defining your question. If you are looking for a chance at a Moose and do not mind boat traffic Mile 37 CHSR to the Flood Control Project 3-4 days however lots of hunters and some private land. High Moose density however HIGH hunter density as well.

    If you have access to Ft. Wainwright / Eielson go up to Beaver Creek / South Fork of the Chena with a Skinny Raft walk the river down till you hit Water that can be floated again lots of access for other hunters i.e. wheelers and the like but very little people in the middle section. Look toward Martin and Nugget Creeks down. Once you hit a certain distance Air Boats make their way up so again middle section. Do your research and find the most likely spots in between. Trust me it is WORK in there.

    You also have the Chat which again has a high user population and reasonable Moose Hunting. Check the regs!!!!!! Lots of private land and sweepers.

    Lower Wood River from P. Air Strip down to the Tanana floating out to Nenana Again High Moose Density however on some years High Hunter Density as well as Air Boats. Look for Bull Pits on the river you normally smell them prior to seeing them! Take a Tree Stand! Also several side ponds just off the river "Just Listen for the Ducks / Geese thicker than all get out so make sure you GPS your location however decent hunting.

    Skip the Salcha LOTS of Power Boats you would have to go up above 90 mile and still on some years Air Boats do make it up higher once you are down below 90 mile things get real busy plus lots of private property. Skinny water above 90 mile so plan on some dragging.

    Same goes with the Good Paster use to be somewhat crowded now mostly crowded so the expense of getting into the more remote areas and floating out may not be worth the effort and or money for a first time float hunt.

    Just snow balling no secret spots given hope the information helps. I guess the bottom line is expectations. Just going hunting with your 14 year brother out and hunting is the reward, harvesting a Moose is the bonus.

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    A couple of us from SE Alaska were thinking of doing our first float hunt on the Wood from either Kansas Creek or Prax to Nenana. Have heard highly variable reports on river flow rates for the upper and lower wood as far planning float time. Do you have any info on this? Thanks!


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