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Thread: A Stellar Day!

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    Default A Stellar Day!

    As in Stellar sea lion.

    We got into the kings pretty good with our fly rods, then this giant Stellar came swooping out from under the boat to nail one just as we were sliding it toward the net. Wow.... Good thing it wasn't in the net, or we'd have lost that too! A 10WT fly rod is no match for something like 1,000# of sea lion.

    Got settle back down and hooked another king about 10 minutes later. After a while the fight got real radical, and up pops the sea lion again with that king in it's mouth.

    We ran a few miles away and tried some other spots for a couple of hours. Good thing the sea lion had left the area!

    Score for the day: Sea lion 2. People 4.

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    Had a Sea lion give one of our halibut rigs a ride one day.......
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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