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    Hi there,
    I've got a River Guide II Water Skeeter 14 foot made of 1200 PVC with two bladders in each pontoon. I had them stored rolled and in the cold for two years and now the inlet valves have separated from the bladders on all four inlets. Need help gluing them or replacing with new valves and doughnuts. I understand it's tough to get them to lay flat and not leak. That's why I'm willing to take some ones help in this matter. They no longer make Water Skeeter products so that option is out for stock replacements. Any one willing to help me out would be thanked greatly with a silver trip or rainbow trip in my Willie Predator on the Kenai. I'll be in the Soldotna area from July till the end of August. P.M. me with your number if you have experience and could help a guy out thanks so much. Looking forward to floating the upper Kenai again soon!


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    You have just hit upon the problem with all of the low cost PVC products on the market today. Short Life, product reliability and no real way to do repairs. I have 1-2 PVC rafts a season come into my place looking for help with a valve, seam or rip and there is very little I can do for them so they end up renting a AVON or Riken from me so their trip is not a bust.

    Always remember that with a PVC product you can count on about 5 years and many PVC products are just shot. I get Raft Sales people calling me all of the time trying to sell me the newest PVC raft straight from China and my answer is ways the same...No thanks guys. I buy and maintain durability.

    Good luck on the repair job but you may find that your raft is just not repairable.

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