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Thread: Glennallen BLM issues a Burn Ban-No Camp Fires!

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    Default Glennallen BLM issues a Burn Ban-No Camp Fires!

    My good friends over at the Glennallen BLM office just stopped by and gave me a bunch of flyers regarding a Burn Ban for this side of the state. NO Camp Fires outside of an approved metal/raised fire pit, or for those of us who don't understand...No Camp Fires!

    I have been living out here for a long time guys and I have never seen a burn ban on the rivers so this must be bad.

    Pass it along boys! No Camp Fires!

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    Glennallen is in the red flag warning area. Firefighting resources are spread pretty thin trying to put out the fires already burning, they ( and we ) really don't need any new ones started.
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