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Thread: What hooks are best for catching halibut?

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    Default What hooks are best for catching halibut?

    What hooks and what sizes are best for catching halibut? I'd like to catch some large ones, but some chickens will be fine too. Some hooks are quite expensive - are they really worth it?

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    I like a good size circle hook

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    Default I buy the biggest ones

    and get them from B and J commercial. I think they are 2 0 size. $1.50 circle hook. even little chickens can get on. Easy for baiting too. Think big, big gear=big fish, big bait=big fish. or atleast a better chance for catching big fish.

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    Sharp ones! Both circle and J hooks work when used right. I agree with AKrnd, big = big.

    Try a double hook setup with a spreader... circle with J stinger. Those work too.

    It all works .... what is "expensive?"

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    Default Depends on How You Fish

    If you are a jigger or just like the thrill of holding the pole and setting the hook you should be looking for good sized J-hooks (O'Shaughnessy) with a gap large enough to hold a fair-sized piece of bait. Big bait = big fish. This type of hook can end up down in the gut or in the gills and may prove to be difficult to remove without harming small fish.

    If you let a big wad of bait down onto the bottom and let the fish do the work and take it and set their own hook, you want to use 16/0 to 20/0 circle hooks. You will still pick up smaller fish on these, but circle hooks are very easy to manipulate to release fish - they are usually right in the corner of the mouth. Pull the hook shank over so it lays flat against the mouth fo the fish and give it a sharp rap on the eye of the hook with the heel of your hand to push the hook point and barb back out of the hole it has formed and it should make the hook pop right out of the mouth of the fish. Of course with a little practice you can roll circle hooks out of the mouths with your gaffhooks and the fish stays out of the boat.

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    If you like setting to hook use a J hook, if you like leaving your rod in a holder and relexing with a cold beverage, a circle hook is the way to go
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    Thumbs up Best ?

    They are not cheap. They are sharp! I like the big Owner Super Mutu circle hook and a fresh red or silver salmon head hooked from the bottom front of the mouth through the top front of the mouth which leaves the hook point exposed. I try to keep the bait a couple of feet of the bottom and leave the pole in the holder. I use a two speed lever drag for this and leave the drag set as light as possible. When the fish hits the bait I push the lever forward and let a few feet of line out. I then pull the lever back to engage the drag and the pole bends over as the circle hook rolls and hooks the lip. I usually leave the pole in the holder for the initial head shaking and tugging the halibut does. Most of the halibut I have observed caught on a salmon head grab it like they own it. Those Owner hooks are iron and eventually the pretty black coating will wear off leading to rust. Get the anode tape from Cabela's and put a small piece on the hook to prevent/delay this.


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