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    I am re powering my 22" searunner and was told I need the weight of the boat to get the right prop/pitch how important is this? Do I use dry weight or do I add what will or is usually on the boat IE gear people ect. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You want to use the weight of your boat loaded full of fuel groceries and beer and people for a multi day trip. Loaded like that you want to be at or JUST under max rpm for your motor. Nothing worse than having too much prop and no rpm when loaded and all of a sudden the seas get rough. Now you may over Rev should you ever strip your boat clean and take it for a run alone. Just back off the throttle and don't over Rev it. Pretty simple! If you frequently run both light and loaded, you may want a second prop. But I'm betting you will run mostly loaded for a weekend in the sound. Prop for that!


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