Headsup-The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Kenai Refuge is proposing to close camping along the Upper Kenai (downstream of Sportsman's) and the Middle Kenai within 100 yds of the river, except in designated campsites. Currently there aren't any designated campsites, so if you have thoughts on where they should or shouldn't be, how many of them there should be, or how feasible it is to camp 100 yds from the river, now is the time to let the refuge know. Camping is already prohibited within 1/4 mile of the Sterling Highway, which overlaps much of the Upper Kenai. The proposal would also expand the Russian River ferry fishing closure area to 100 feet upstream of the ferry's landing area on the southern shore for safety and bank protection. You can see the documents and comment at http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketD...NWRS-2014-0003

Proposal--Camping prohibited:
(xi) Within 100 yards of the Kenai River banks along the Upper Kenai River from river mile 73 to its confluence with Skilak Lake (river mile 65), and along the Middle Kenai River downstream of Skilak Lake (river mile 50 to river mile 45.5), we allow camping only at designated primitive campsites. Campers can spend no more than 3 consecutive nights at the designated primitive campsites.
(xii) (A) Within 1/4mile of the Sterling Highway, Ski Hill, or Skilak Loop roads, except in designated campgrounds.