Hello everyone, have been watching this forum for well over a year and have enjoyed the stories and information being shared. I finally registered for the forum primarily so that I could view the attachments, however I just wanted to send out a quick post thanking everyone for the information they have taken the time to share on this site. I have benefited greatly from this information and will continue to do so. I will be doing my first float hunt this fall for moose and could not be more excited. I have spent countless hours on this site and elsewhere trying to find the answers to all of the specific questions that I had. However, if anyone has any general information, tips or tricks that I you think a new comer may not have thought about or that might make the trip a better experience, I would really appreciate your suggestions. The location and air charter has already been chosen and booked and I have studied maps of the area, have a general knowledge (albeit second hand knowledge) of the basics of float hunting, moose hunting in general, etc, so my inquiry is directed more toward gear, packing, camp practice, hunting tactics that I might not have thought of or an idea or observation that you came up with over time that you are particularly proud of and willing to share.