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    Hello all, my friend and I have set up a couple of fly-in bait stations on the McCarthur River on the Cook Inlet. Along the way we have met some Guides and fellow hunters in the area during station set-up and baiting. For the most part everyone has been welcoming and supportive as there's an abundance of bears in that area.

    Two of the three bait stations we've setup have had zero hits in the last 3+ weeks. They are both in good areas with lots of cover, properly baited and an abundance of scent. Normally I'd just say it's been bad luck, but I know of other bait stations very near by that are being hit constantly by multiple black and brown bears. I find it really hard to believe we can't pull even a single bear into our bait stations.

    I may be paranoid here, but has anyone ever heard of anyone messing with another persons bait station? Is there any particular scent you and spread to keep the Bears out? I hate to think the worst of anybody, but there's definitely something happening that's warding off the bears.

    I'm curious enough about what's going on that I put up a few more game cameras to see if there's more to this.

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    I have heard of a guy that was peeing around a nearby bait station. That was on the west side, but a ways from your setup.
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    I think once the bears have a taste of the goods even human piss would not keep them away. It allows them to associate human smell with food which in the long run can be a bad thing. Give it some time and see what happens. Maybe you don't have the best food around there. These bears are creatures of habit and don't want to rock the boat with the sure thing. If these are new sites then give them more time and maybe they will find it towards the end of season so you can do it again next year.
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