Had a great time today, rented a canoe with a buddy and hiked into the lake. He was struggling to connect, but managed to land 2 that were ~17". I landed 10 with the biggest being 30" with nice shoulders. Had a great cookout afterwards too. I hadn't ever been there, but the fishing was great, the lake is stunning, and the hike is really quite nice.

The only downsides were when my buddy capsized the canoe--in 2' of water! I didn't plan on swimming, but I will admit, the water was nice and warm! We didn't lose anything in the capsize, but I was an idiot and left my tailgate down at our friend's house in Wasilla and my collapsible rod (shakespeare excalibur loaded with 8lbs mono) case with a fair amount of tackle fell out. I realized 20 minutes later (around 5pm today), turned around looking for it only to find a lady who saw a pickup stop and grab a small grey case at the corner of Shenandoah and the Palmer/Wasilla highway. If any of you found it, or hear of someone who found a rod and gear, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know. I'm in Anchorage but would be happy to bring you your favorite sixpack if you are the guy who picked it up. Thanks.

I would have posted some pics, but the phone is in rice after it's impromptu bath!