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Thread: Bigger Grayling Then Usual

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    After not getting out last season at all I decided to hit the Chena (Fairbanks) up as early as possible this year which turned out to be yesterday. Had a great day on the river with the water levels not too high and the fish more then willing to jump on my rubber jig. Probably bought 30ish fish to hand. Interestingly enough I went to my "reliable" location which usually has smaller fish then my "big fish" spot but whether changes in the river (lots of snags and wood piles had moved since two years ago) or because it was a little earlier in the season the fish in my reliable area were much bigger then I remember. It was a great day and reliable enough fishing I decided to make some videos while I was out as well.

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    nice job... I think I had a seizure wathcing
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    Nice grayling. Would you be willing to tell us what area you where fishing here?(not your exact spots, but general area, like was this upper chena above say 25 mile or so?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediMasterSalmonSlayer View Post
    nice job... I think I had a seizure wathcing
    Ha...!!! I was gonna say.....dang he moves fast, I lost my breath just watching him...!!!

    They do in fact look real nice. How big (length) were they? I was thinking back and for some reason I remember hearing that a 16" grayling is a big grayling...???
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