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Thread: Kayak Fishing Seminar Video from the Sportsman Show

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    Default Kayak Fishing Seminar Video from the Sportsman Show

    I can't believe its taken this long but I needed a period of time when my kids weren't home using netflix and such given the upload was over 2 gigs. lol.

    Sorry about the terrible sound. HVAC systems in Sullivan are so dang loud. But for me at least, it seems like its annoying only for the first minute or two and then your brain filters it out.

    Its long at over 45 minutes but it's pretty much the entire seminar. Thanks once again to Alaska Raft & Kayak for letting me use their seminar slots!

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    Hey Rudy thank you for posting this video. I watched it start to finish I even learned a couple things.
    It is very informative thanks for takeing your time to help us get started.


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