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Thread: Electra Dyne maintenance

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    Default Electra Dyne maintenance

    Thought about sending Steve an email but figured might as well share the discussion here. I can't seem to find any routine maintenance instructions online. Do I need to do anything other than check the headlight fluid on an ED?

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    I don't think there is much of anything you need to do other than keep it cleaned up with Corrosion X in the winter and keep a very close eye on the muffler bearings.
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    I have 2 of them. I had to change input and output seals on one and output on the other. Watch for gear oil oozing out. It was an interesting exercise and should be expected at some point. Both of mine had sat out in the weather unused for years before I got them. That is much harder on equipment than being used daily. Larry @ Electradyne walked me through the process as well as replacing the motor bushings on one of them.

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    you rec guys will never put enough hours on them to worry about changing the gear oil so leave it alone. I'd just spray up the outside with LPS #3 or Fluid Flim( Roger & Donna of Anderson Enterprises sell it at guns shows, outdoors shows and the state fair, they sell the flag poles also) to keep the rust down. I'm going to try spraying the motor and gear box with that rubber spray in a can, think its called Plastidip, they spray entire car bodies with it(look up "dip my car" on youtube" nice thing about it that it peels off if you need to fix something. I know the oyster farmers back east are using boat shrink wrap to cover up the motors on their ED's.
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    Every year I check the electrical connections, clean the outside,knock of the rust, and paint it gray. This was my 6 season in the com fish shrimp. One thing have have seen is guys complaining that their motor gets hot when pulling a string of 10 pots. Both guys had out board motors for power units and I think the problem was case by low voltage to the pot puller. I have Volvo twin D6's with 115 amp alternators and have never had a problem.


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